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  It's always good to know that I am doing my job right and I welcome feedback for any of my services you have attended, or, indeed, one I have done for you or a family member.

Stuart Preston - Civil Celebrant


A man. A legend. A friend.


Following the sudden death of one of our closest friends, Stuart was hired to give our brother the best-possible send off... and it's safe to say that that he delivered on that promise... and much more besides too.


Stuart met up with us to find out more information of the person in his care. He stayed with us for hours while we laughed and cried, listening intently to the stories we told, all to make sure the service was personal.


He was always on the phone, social media and email at any time of the day or night to offer support to both family and friends, during our darkest hour... and we will never forget it.


He gave us the courage to visit the chapel of rest to say our goodbyes to our friend, both on our own and as a group. But he was always there for us to offer a caring arm around or just a moment to gather ourselves.


The support he offered to us all was unparalleled and as the funeral day arrived, when we were at our lowest ebb, again he was there to guide us through the service every step of the way.


The service itself was one I will never forget. It was so personal and we even managed to crack a laugh or two, thanks to Stuart's timing and his attention to detail... even right down to his attire.


I can categorically say that the support he has offered to both family and friends, has been amazing and without him, these times would have been harder than they already are.


I would like to thank him deeply for everything he has done for us. He was perfect for the job, he gave our friend the send off he deserved and I'm proud to call him a friend.


I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Stuart Preston for your personal service.


R. D.

We were introduced to Stuart through Abbey Funeral Director Susan. She told us that he was such a lovely man and that all families raved about his services. He sounded perfect for the non religious send off we wanted for our baby Harrison.


Stuart went way above and beyond our expectations and made Harrison's day unique. His ideas were perfect for Harrison's very short life and he put hours and hours of effort in to make the service very personal to him.


Stuart rewrote his words and sourced appropriate poems for a young life, which must be very difficult! He gave us ideas to make Harrison's day one to remember and helped us to celebrate his life.


Most religious services I have attended are not personal and are about God, not the loved one who has passed. That may be ok for some but Harrison deserved better!


We can never thank you enough Stuart for making a horrific time easier for our family.


As a result of his thoughtful and personal service we have booked Stuart to perform the marriage ceremony of my daughter next year. We know he will make it a very special day!


A true gentleman.

Thank you

J. B.


We were recommended Stuart by a few friends who have had funerals with him before and spoke very highly of him. However, we were surprised by just how much Stuart helped us.


We had the awful task of planning the funeral for our baby daughter and we were dreading organising it. As soon as Stuart turned up we knew we could give her the send off she deserved. He made us feel completely at ease and even catered the full ceremony around her so it was very personal. The idea's he presented us with were out of this world and helped make the day special. Each and every detail of the funeral was perfect, even his attire was adapted to what we wanted. I couldn't have imagined a better service.


After the funeral had taken place, he is still available at any time, day or night, to talk to during this awful time. He goes above and beyond his job title to ensure the families he works with are fully looked after before during and after the event. He has proven himself to be a true friend and not just a celebrant. This is more than a job for him and that is what makes his services so amazing.


I cannot thank Stuart for the service he provided us with. He has gone above and beyond our expectations and no words or even actions can thank him enough. I hope to use his services again in the near future for our wedding as I know he will make that day so special for us both.


A true friend.

Thank you so much.

C and D.