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About Honour 4 Eternity

Civil celebrant available across the North West of England

covering Lancashire, Merseyside,

Greater Manchester and Northern Cheshire.

  Hi!  My name is Stuart.



 Weddings, funerals and Christenings are some of the milestones in our lives and we should have the freedom to celebrate these milestones as we wish.


 That is why I chose to become a Civil Celebrant, to help you celebrate your milestones in the perfect way. A way which reflects the personality and wishes of the people or person the ceremony is created for.


 Attending a number of ceremonies over the years, I became appalled by the very, 'Insert Name Here' nature of the ceremonies of family and friends, in fact, if I took out the names of the people, anyone would have fitted each one of the services I attended.


 I wanted to see a more tailored approach.


 I wanted each ceremony to be tailored to the person or people.


 I come from a customer service and entertainments background and I believed that I could make a difference and give people a person-centred alternative.


 I studied and became a Civil Celebrant, and I am so glad I did.



 Kind regards,


Stuart Preston

Civil Celebrant

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